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Using modern design techniques to deliver simple but powerful
technology solutions with a difference.

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We design, create and facilitate innovative customer, business
and industry focused web-based solutions.

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JPro Group, a recently formed Australian start-up, is made up of a number of talented entrepreneurs who are looking to work with people and companies committed to transforming the healthcare and insurance sectors. Together, we have many years of experience providing web-based solutions within the health, insurance and banking industries. Contact us to learn about how we design, create and deliver smarter industry based solutions for the future.

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We are designing and developing 'out of the box' cloud based solutions for the health and insurance sectors. Transforming industries and empowering them for the future.

smarter solutions

We take a fresh approach to deliver simple but powerful web-based solutions. All of our solutions are focused on ensuring that the relevant product offers value-added services and meets industry specific requirements, while maintaining a user friendly design.

our profile

Based on our experience, we are ready for any challenge. Our past work history has seen us travel around the globe and work on a variety of solutions for various entities including Banks and government departments.

our mission

We are here to change the norm and revolutionise the way that the health and insurance industries deliver their services, giving their patients an improved level of care and their customers a more streamlined user experience.
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